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About KSC


In 1989, the Tuning and Styling industry was still in its infancy. 17-inch rims were just entering the market while tyres for them were barely available.

KSC stands for ''Kusters Special Carproducts'' and was founded in August 1993 as a tuning firm with various specialisations. Besides lowering cars, fitting and in-house manufacturing of custom-built exhausts, KSC was mainly known for fitting extreme rims and the roll-out of wheel arches required to do so. Customers from all over the Netherlands had found their way to KSC.

Over time, the name Kusters Special Carproduct was shortened to KSC Cartuning.




In 2001, the company was sold and started KSC Import BV, a wholesaler and importer of alloy wheels and quality car accessories. Since then, KSC Import BV has grown into an importer of various brands of alloy wheels and accessories in the middle and upper segment of the market.

KSC supplies exclusively through specialist dealers, wheel and tyre companies and (car) brand dealers. KSC distinguishes itself from other suppliers by its technical know-how and ability to think along with its customers. KSC is able to offer solutions where other suppliers fail. Some of the product groups in the range are: alloy wheels, tyres, lowering springs and shock absorbers, sports exhausts, track extensions and wheel bolts.