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Eibach ERS

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ERS | Motorsport springs and accessories

The first choice of Motorsport professionals worldwide

  • More than 1,300 individual components, main and auxiliary springs, as well as various accessories
  • Countless possible combinations
  • Main springs with extremely characteristic linear characteristic fields and at the same time the smallest characteristic tolerances
  • Progressive and distinctive due to the combination of several
    springs in a row - double or triple
  • Low weight through the use of high-strength materials and manufacturing processes
  • Hardened surface obtained by ball blasting
  • All springs pressed on block to prevent sagging
  • High stability
  • Smallest tolerances and high parallelism
  • Dynamic payload in automotive and motorsport use
  • Corrosion protection by phosphating and epoxy resin coating
  • Printing with product no. (talking code - information on features and dimensions)
  • Packed loose in a box per spring


In the early 1980s, Wilfried Eibach laid the foundations for this now legendary product line. Today, we still have an article list dated May 1986, which, believe it or not, consists of only 50 article numbers, consisting of a uniformly metric overview with all having a 60mm inner diameter.

That first range was clearly perfect, as these items are still part of the overall Eibach ERS range today. It is almost impossible to imagine since these first 50 springs have now grown to more than 1,300 item numbers. The first springs have since been further developed through optimisation of materials and production. Today's springs are considerably lighter than in the 80s and 90s.

The range of ERS springs has now grown into the world's leading line-up of Race Springs, in both metric and imperial (inch) dimensions, for practically every conceivable motorsport class worldwide. For some very specific classes, we still develop small customer-specific series in cooperation with the manufacturer. Think of Formula 1 and DTM, for example.

It should be noted that we achieve very high, consistent quality with all our Eibach Race Springs, combined with the highest linearity and lowest tolerances, due to quasi series production.

Optimising a chassis with ERS springs?
Every suspension is a compromise!

On the one hand, the suspension has to be soft enough to compensate for unevenness harmoniously to ensure permanent and constant road contact between the wheels and the road surface, which in turn guarantees grip and traction. On the other hand, the suspension must be hard enough to minimise rolling, swaying or dipping when cornering, braking and accelerating.

Our system offers an almost infinite number of possible combinations for these opposing requirements

by combining 2 ERS springs with different characteristics to form a (progressive) double (or even triple) suspension system. All possible combinations are possible here.

- 2 different main springs,
- 2 different main springs with auxiliary springs (linear or progressive)
- 1 main spring with auxiliary spring (linear or progressive)
or even more than two springs connected in series and of course one
like diversity through parallel connections

The ERS programme offers the undercarriage specialist numerous set-up possibilities, making it unique in the world.

Are there any Eibach ERS springs available for my motorsport application?

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